How to Troubleshoot Paper Jam Problems of Lexmark Printer?

Paper jamming is very serious technical issue that occurs only when paper feeding through Lexmark printer goes wrong. In the normal case, when paper jamming problems occur, you can see your printing device flashing lights stating a warning message. If you are using Lexmark printer and getting some kinds of technical errors like paper jamming, then you need to take professional help from world class technical support experts. If you are facing paper jamming issues again and again, you should follow some important tips explained below:-


Lexmark Printer Tech Support

Errors Related to Fuser Unit-

You can get that heat if paper jamming problem is related to failure of fuser unit. To resolve this technical error, you need to wait for few seconds for fuser to cool off before clearing the jam. You must turn off the power supply button and wait for some minutes to restart again. If you are unable to solve this error, you should take Lexmark Printer Technical Support Services from certified technicians immediately.

Issues Related to Paper Path-

You should begin your process of opening paper path, input tray for removing all things that come in the path of paper jamming. If you have any query regarding paper path, you should call at help line number or Lexmark Printer Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-510-7358 for quick help.

Problems Related to Paper Sheets and Unwanted Scraps-

You need to check out carefully for paper sheets & scraps that are stuck in between. You must take extra care and protection to eliminate trapped papers. You should not pull out papers backwards. If you do not have any idea, you should contact at online technical support team for immediate assistance or support. You should call at Lexmark Printer Support Number to get quick help.


Take Care to Remove all Types of Papers-

If any type of scrap is remained, this may be cause of paper jamming. So, you must confirm that you have removed all paper scraps from printing process.

Close all Doors and Turn on Lexmark Printer-

Once switched on, Lexmark printer should reset itself automatically. If your printer is displaying paper jamming errors again and again, you must close all the doors again. If this issue is occurring again and again, call at Lexmark Printer Support Number 1-800-510-7358 to get immediate technical help or support. Online certified technicians are very smart for helping online users anytime for any issue. They are very helpful for every user anytime.


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